G4i DGI and its affiliated companies use proven business methodologies and provide the right management, processes, technology systems, and  intelligent analysis to construct a winning finish line strategy for success in government contracting. 

G4i provides a network of experienced business development management teams who set the right course for future growth while adhering to strict process standards for optimized results.

G4i DGI’s independent “Tiger Teams” are full time experienced competent professionals, who provide the service, knowledge, skills and client support necessary to ensure business growth needs and objectives will be met. Our dedicated team and its affiliated companies provide superior business development services cost effectively for our team partners across a diverse range of business and industries. This combination of expertise and diversity further translates into a comprehensive and complementary professional business development and support process which provide business-to-business networking, access-to-capital funding, productivity tools and resources such as E Promis™.

In a competitive race, every advantage counts. From a great start to your finish line strategy, G4i is there to assist our partner companies and optimize performance.